Friday, April 2, 2010

Mr. Bluebird

Today I stepped into a local thrift store and fell in love with the guy right inside the door.  He's so cheerful and I was practically (no, I was) screaming the zippity-doo-da song all the way to base!  He will hold cookies for us for now, and if we're lucky to have a little girl later and decorate her room in trees and woodland creatures, well, he might take up residence on a shelf there. He's like a superhero, a very cheerful, un-angsty superhero.  He goes where he is needed, and right now I need him on my counter hiding treats from plain sight!


  1. You know how people name their cat Bob and then the cat gets pregnant and then they call the cat Roberta? Well, take a look at the lashes on your bird and then you decide? Is it just me or is your beautiful bluebird wearing mascara?;-) And it is sitting in a nest of flowers! Whatever its gender it is adorable!

  2. This made me giggle so hard! Yes, I know he has eyelashes and is sitting on flowers. It was a point of debate for a bit, but G said he could be whatever. Perhaps I'll name him after a classmate of G's whose eyelashes were this long and thick (it really was sickening, I thought about killing him for them). ALthough who knows, perhaps he's transgendered?