Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Put Together

I am participating in the "Get Dressed" challenge over on Like A Warm Cup of Coffee.  Sarah Mae is one of the most encouraging women I've come across since beginning to blog.  And she's one of the women behind the Relevant Conference.  The challenge is all about getting up and put together by 8 a.m.  Not just jeans and a t-shirt, but putting some thought into your outfit.  I know for myself it makes my day start out right when I feel put together.  And it doesn't help that G likes what I wear and tends to compliment me.

Today I am in my dark skinny jeans with the black ruffle ballet flats, a grey nice fitted tee (from Loft) with a beaded necklace and my navy blue cardigan.  It's supposed to get upwards of 80 here today, so I layered just in case.  So far it's cool and grey.  (a pic will come later, we both forgot to grab the connector cord for the camera!)

I love being put together.  I try and think about my day's activities so I don't overdress too much.  For instance, today I have work this morning (that's how I am thinking of the novel now), then lunch with G, then meeting up with a new friend to hang out and she's teaching me how to French braid my hair!  I wanted to be comfortable for sitting in a booth and typing, and I needed to look approachable since I'm forming a new friendship.  

I don't believe in leaving the house in pj pants of sweats.  At worst I've gone and worked out and kept my grey workout pants on (swtiching to a nice black tee and cardigan with flats) for a quick lunch.  It's a personal choice, but I like to feel "put together."  I like to look like I made an effort in my effortless way!  (because really, I am the one who gets dressed quicker than her husband most days!) I am thinking of doing a post about how to prep to make getting ready in the morning easier.

So, onward with the challenge.  I wasn't up before 8 yesterday, but I did get prettified when I got up (after working out a bit).  I put on jeans, a long tank top (that I have pinned in the back because otherwise it would be too low cut), a grey cardigan, my beaded necklace I am wearing today and flats.  We were doing dinner at the Mexican place and then coming home to bake cookies (because I cannot go to a friends home for the first time without baked goods!).  

Today I was up early at 6 a.m. to get dressed and head into work with G.  The best part of my outfit today has to be my new handbag (Liberty of London) that I picked up last night.  G loves their floral girly patterns (thank God he likes how girly I am), and it really does pop on my neutral based outfit!

How about you?  Feeling like joining in on the challenge?  If you were meeting me for coffee, what would you wear?  


  1. I need to try this maybe it will make me feel better. Also can't wait to see pictures of your new bag.

  2. I love this post - and love this challenge! I work, so I do have to get dressed properly each day to get out of the house - but there are those days were it is wet (and I try and stay snuggled in bed for as long as possible....) or if it's a big day at work and I have to get in early, that I am not as well put together as I would like to be.

    It's funny - I often find that getting dressed 'properly' or into something I like and feel good in really takes no more time, but it has a noticeable effect on my mood, confidence and productivity throughout the day. I also often find that if I take the time to do my hair or makeup or whatever properly at the start of the day, it only requires little touch ups throughout the day - whilst if I throw my hair up, or am not as careful with my makeup, I feel I am constantly needing to do major repair work on it all day.....

    But in any case - if I was meeting you for coffee, I would wear shear black stockings, my gorgeous patterned petrol green (with flecks of brown and black) skirt, a fitted white shirt, then over that a thin wool fitted cardigan/vest type top (in the same brown as the skirt flecks) and a black suede fitted short length jacket.I would love to wear my new black suede boots....but practicality would win out and I would probably go for my black high heel shoes.

    Perfect clothing for an autumn coffee over here - but probably not for a spring coffee over there!