Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Putting Together A Wardrobe

Recently Bobbi Janay commented that she loves my outfits (thanks!) and wishes she could pull it together like that but gives up and reaches for t-shirts and jeans.

I so understand.  Really.  I do.

A year ago I was like that.  I would occasionally pull a cute outfit together when I knew I was going to be having pictures taken for here.  But day to day I didn't like my closet, didn't know what to wear and had supreme envy of other women who seemed to pull it together effortlessly.

Then I figured it out, so in case there are other women who are like me, here it goes:  Simplify your closet. Figure out what style of clothes you like, what colors and stick to it.  Do not deviate for trends unless something is so awesome you fall in love and don't have a second of doubt.  If there is even a second, walk away.  You can always go back later if it haunts you.  (I make myself walk away a lot and it's been great for my bank account and closet!)

For my trip home I will be wearing a lot of navy, grey and black.  These colors are neutral, I can accessorize easily, and they can mix and match.  It really is that simple. 

I like classic.  But on my curves I cannot pull off boy-ish items.  Good thing I love feminine clothing (and so does G, but dressing for your husband is a whole other post!). 

I have very few bright clothing.  I know myself.  When I buy super bright peppy colors they might get worn occasionally......with black, navy or grey.  See the pattern?  I love bright accessories though, so that's where I throw color in.  

And my biggest advice, read style blogs.  I recommend Academichic if you like my style.  Those women can rock an outfit, and they all have their own style.  Keep note of what you like on others, and try it on when you see it out.  Slowly your wardrobe will come together, and you will throw on a t-shirt with jeans, but it will something you love and can accessorize well.  (I happen to love black tees, and G thinks they look sexy on me.) 

Trust yourself, not the trends, not the t.v.  You know you.


  1. I agree with every word. But it really is a constant battle, isn't it? Just last week I was tempted by these gorgeous red high heeled shoes..... And I'm afraid love (not practicality) won out and they came home with me!

    But my mother gave me a great shopping tip - never buy it if you like the outfit/item you are wearing that day more. I find this to be a great guide.

    Can't wait to see more style pictures!


  2. I was proud of my self yesterday I put together a cute outfit, even wore heels. Now I need to figure out accessories.