Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Packing Is Troublesome

I have a confession.  I am a horrible packer.  I went to London for 5 days when G and I were engaged and packed 2 suitcases, and an extra that I filled while there (my maman had sent gifts for our Christmas and I picked up a few things as well).  I cannot pack light for the life of me.  

But I'm gonna try.  I'm packing a handbag and a carryon and making it work.  After I pack I'll post pics, because it will be a miracle in my vintage Lady Baltimore case.  

Helping is that the outfit I am wearing today and the outfit from yesterday are getting packed.  
Yesterday's Outfit
Shirt:  Old Navy
Belt:  Target
Seersucker Skirt:  Gap, thrifted
Shoes:  Thrifted ($2!)
Tote: Liberty of London for Target
Sunglasses: Target

Necklace:  H&M
Ceramic mug:  Target with my Africa Love cozy
Shirt: Banana Republic
Cardigan: LOFT
Jeans:  Banana Republic
Shoes:  Bandolino, thrifted

The skirt outfit will be for church on Sunday.  Cute, springy, and easy to carry my niece around in.  The jeans outfit might be for my flight back or a coffee date for a friend.  Apparently the key to packing light is multi-tasking.  For instance, the blue shirt can be thrown on with jeans.  The black cardigan is a lightweight cashmere and can be mixed with most of my clothing.  I'm packing quite a bit of mix and match things so I have more options. 

What is the one thing you have to have when you travel?  Music?  Water?  A sleep pillow?

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  1. You are so sassy cute, I love both outfits. I wish I could take the time to look so cute. I just give up and go with a tshirt and jeans.

  2. I used to be a terrible packer, before I moved to London. From there me and my flarmates would take spur of the moment weekends, bank holidays and real holidays across to different countries in Europe only a few hours after making the decision to go! At first I would pack hurriedly, and end up with a bunch of odd clothes at the end - none of which made an outfit, let alone one I felt good pulling on!

    Like you, I quickly learnt the universal lesson to pack "outfits" (ie if u are going for 3 days, think of what you'll be doing on those 3 days and then, pack 3 complete outfits for those days. No more. I won't wear it. And by complete I mean shoes, jewellery, make up - an entire planned outfit.

    Oh! And if I am doing more that one thing a day (like Church then an afternoon coffee, or shopping in the morning and going out at night - you might think you need TWO Outfits for that day....NO! Consider how to wear the outfit for both events, ie tone down the church outfit, or considering being more dressed up for your afternoon coffee. Or mix and match - grab the jeans from another days wear to put on Instead of the skirt. Keep the same top and off for coffee you go!

    If it's a longer trip I try and make sure the outfits consist if overlapping items to cut down what is needed. So jeans worlk with outfits 1,2 and 5. Dress pants with 3,4and 6. And skirt with 7 and 8 or whatever.

    All the above was learnt PAINFULLY over many trips, but really now is the best way for me to pack lightly and still be sure I have great things to wear and look good when I travel. (unless I get lazy at packing time and completely ruin my system.....)

    I should add I try and pack non crease thing where I can, and wear any bulky items - coats etc on the plane (of course only if it suits the 'plane' outfit!!) to save space in my bag.

    But it sounds like u have all this down pat. Happy travelling!