Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday Surprise

 For my birthday G wanted to give me a dream.   And he did.  Oh boy did he!  
I got to test drive an Audi TTS!!!  Seriously, this car is amazing.  We're crunching numbers trying to figure out how quickly we can get this beauty.  It handled like a dream, was so fast you didn't realize you were going 80 (the speedometer goes up to 190, I think you can safely drive it to 155).  It is the one thing I have asked for as a 30th birthday gift.  So we have 4 years.  We're trying to figure out how to get it in 2 or less. (wouldn't it be nice?)
I love living this great life with G!  It was a blast to take a sexy car out for 20 minutes on my own and see what it could do.  And what it could do was amazing.


  1. Oh wow! How fun! Is today your birthday?


  2. How fun!!!! :)

    Oh, and I may have squealed when I opened the package from you and found POST-IT NOTES!!! Made me oh-so-happy!! :) Thanks again so much!!