Thursday, May 6, 2010


Beauty is in the moments.  G has been handed the camera more often.  We're wanting to save up for a digital SLR camera, so he's needing practice in a bad way before we spend that much money.  He takes great landscapes and detail shots, but his portraits can make me look ugly quicker than anything (he shoots too low and makes me look distorted).  But the man himself, well, he can make me feel more beautiful than anyone else.  I love this shot he took.  Hair is blowing in my face, I have a billion things on my mind (notice the laptop and phone and no coffee in sight!), but he snaps this.  This is the look I give him when he's being cheesy.  Which leads us to:
Sharing a milkshake at the diner.  Oh so yummy, and of course we had to share rather than use the glasses provided!


  1. That is an amazing photo! It looks like something straight out of a modeling portfolio.

    <3 T

  2. Both of those are great shots!

  3. I am crying, I love this post. I wish we took the time to capture moments like this.

  4. T, I love you, plain and simple. You boost my confidence far too often!

    Kaycee, thanks!

    Bobbi, I wish moments like this for you.