Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have had a love affair with Dior since I was a little girl.  My grandmama had me watch the film "Mrs. 'Arris goes to Paris" with Angela Lansbury and I fell in love with Christian Dior's silhouettes.  Stunning, ladylike, perfection.  I wanted to be married in a vintage Dior dress and though that didn't pan out I'm still holding out hope for some vintage dresses someday.  In fact, when others as me what size I am wanting to be my flippant answer is, "Small enough to fit into Mr. Dior's dresses."

So of course when looking at coffee table books for our home (as well as a few for our bedside tables) I gravitate towards fashion, specifically Dior.  Some of them are pricey, but for something I've loved for so long, well worth it.
Are you a fan of coffee table books for your guests (and yourself) to peruse?  Too much hassle to worry about?  Or perhaps you have a favorite?  (I am always taking suggestions for ones to consider).


  1. I love the idea of coffee table books, but with Ian the idea is all I can love.

  2. I LOVE Dior! It started with loving the history of Dior's designs (as celebrating - and occasionally hurting! - women's figures, whilst Chanel was originally designed to give more time and freedom back to women and to be more utilitarian and streamlined their design)...it moved into Dior makeup, fashion, bags - and of course books about Dior and the reasons and history behind the fashion house. Did you know the cannage pattern on the lipstick cases is a homage to the cannage pattern that was on the chairs in Mr Dior's first fitting rooms?

    I didn't know you were a Dior fan too!!


    PS Welcome back!

  3. Bobbi, have you tried stacking them as a decoration on a bedside table? It might allow you to have your coffee table books and make it where Ian can't get to them.

    J, Oh my goodness! Um, yeah, I love, LOVE Dior. Sadly the only Dior I own is make-up....but someday! I love his cannage pattern, probably because I love canning. Have you seen the post about the glass of scotch? We picked up a whole ton of glasses with a cannage pattern for our bar cart.