Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Musings On Islam

I was watching something on the middle east earlier today when it struck me that the idea of a call to prayer really is pretty smart.  I know that I myself struggle to set aside time to pray regularly outside of meals.  G and I were discussing over dinner how time in the morning, midmorning, midday, later afternoon and night would be great times to set aside just to pray for help with something, to praise good things that had happened thus far, and to have a bit of calm.  There are days when I pray randomly throughout the day, and I don't believe that prayer necessarily needs to be a formal thing.  I think quiet reflection works best for me.  And it can be as casual as, "Thank you God for the beautiful sky we had today, it had me in awe."  (a common thought of mine....I love clouds)

I'm looking forward to trying this out.  Five times a day may end up being too much, and a simple morning time and night time session might be perfect.  As I continue to work on me, and G and I continue to work on us, I think this will only help!


  1. The idea is a great idea. I know my stepmom prays on her way to and from each job she has each day(she cleans houses for a living). She says it keeps her from having idle thoughts and then she for sure will have things to be thankful for.

  2. I have come across the idea where you set your watch to beep every hour on the hour and as soon as you hear it you stop what you're doing and pray - even just a two second "thank you God that I'm alive in this moment" prayer...
    Good luck with your plans I'd love to know how it goes (if you want to share) I definitely need to get into more of a prayer "habit" (that doesn't end in me falling asleep...I currently seem to rattle off my prayers *as* I drift off to sleep which is ok but not ideal!)

  3. It really is a great idea. Someone taught me once about what they called "arrow prayers". Just taking a moment to send a thought, a thanks, or a wish up. I try to do that as often as they pop in my head and it always seems to bring me a moment of peace.

  4. Thanks for this. I need to be reminded to pray more. I follow Him, I love Him and I strive to do what He calls me to in His Word but so many times I overlook the simple act of talking to Him. Beginning and ending your day talking to Him has always been a good idea in my opinion...I just don't do it enough.