Friday, May 14, 2010


We leave within an hour, and though I usually dread them I am looking forward to the drive (at least for now).  Singing at the top of our lungs and a 3 a.m. stop at a coffee place where all of the police/sheriff/highway patrol stop off together every morning.  And eating brie with French bread.

Oh yes, the food we are packing consists of beef jerky, French bread, artichokes, goat's brie, baby roma tomatoes, and perhaps some escargot for later in this week.  Oh, and spaghetti squash for dinner on one of the nights we are alone.  The artichokes, squash and escargot are for there, but the rest is for the road.  

Don't think we're all niceties, we'll most likely eat McDonald's for a meal.  After all, driving at night has it's perks, but it's downfalls as well.  And I sure it will be a long time before G forgets Hamburger Gate where I absolutely only wanted a hamburger and McDonald's had already switched to breakfast.  I was displeased to say the least.  

So off we go on our adventure!  And perhaps a bit of respite as well?


  1. If you end up stopping for McDonald's, you have to try the Mocha frappe. You'll thank me later ;D


  2. ahhh yes. Hamburger gate had happened with us too. Except it was a croistwich-crisis. I SAID WITH HAM AND NOT SAUSAGE... It made for some bad minutes. But then we stopped for gas and I was treated to a diet coke and all was forgiven.

    Your in-car snacks sound DELISH! I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  3. Sounds good! I hope you have a wonderful time adventuring and resting xx

    (and I suddenly have a craving for brie on french bread...Mmmm!)