Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Right on Target

I mentioned before that I am setting goals for this 27th year of life (to end on my 27th birthday).  One goal I decided was that I wanted to learn to run again.  With a foot that broke badly when I was 17 (three pins put in) that actually has my doctor suggesting now I might need another surgery running has been difficult.  But I really am wanting to heal my body by taking care of it, inside and out.  So I've begun running again.  Did another 1.19 miles of running tonight.  And on it I decided that I want to set a goal for miles run this year.  And I'm estimating that I will at least run 5 miles a week (outdoors and on the treadmill) so I am setting a goal of 250 miles this 27th year.  To make it easy to keep track of I am going to keep track of it on the side of this blog.  If I count 2 of the 4.38 miles yesterday as full out running then that makes a total of 3.19 miles run in 2 days.  Not too shabby!  
I also went shooting today and talk about targets!  I did fairly well right off the bat shooting the .22 caliber rifle, and by the end this is what my target looked like.  
Garret was impressed and says that women who can shoot are hot/sexy.  I ate those compliments up!
I'm starting to feel stronger.  Emotionally and physically.  And I love it!  It's wonderful to be enjoying this life to the fullest.  And wonderful to being more kind to myself.  I think every person deserves to be their own best friend, to believe in themselves.  And I finally am getting there.  Thank you for all the comments and the e-mails as I go!


  1. Good for you!

    One of my goals for this year is to be more active. The ticker on the side of your blog and a yearly goal rather than a weekly/monthly is a great idea! A little more flex room for a bad day or week but still a long-term great goal to meet.