Thursday, June 10, 2010


Temporarily our fireplace is housing some of the artwork that will go up on our wall.  The other night as I was reading I sat in the living room with a glass of port and these candles burning.  They smell scrumptious, all spicy and relaxing.  So I snapped a pic to share!


  1. This is an AWESOME idea for a fireplace! I like how you balanced the pictures with the candles--very nice!

  2. I never would have thought to do that in a fireplace!

    Found you via another blog's comments, I heard you meantion that you were working on a peacock theme in a room. I'm incorporating a peacock blue in my room, so I thought I'd browse your blog for some ideas. Love that print!

    Have a great night!
    -Ann Marie

  3. I love this idea but my is just nasty!! LOL! Yours is so shiny! I have been burning some Fall lovin the smells!!!

    Thanks for stopping in at my blog. Pecan trees are YEAR ROUND WORK! My husband does 90 percent of it by himself. (love that man!) Wish you could visit in makes for a very beautiful environment.

  4. Tina Leigh, Thank you! It's so shiny because the bricks are so old they would fall apart if they didn't have polyurethane on them!

    I even told my husband about your blog....he knows of my love for pecans!