Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Bee

I've been lying about all day, reading articles, currently reading a book that I am hoping I do not end up hating, though the reviews tell me that due to my love of Little Women, I might.  I got all prettied up for a quick meetup for cupcakes and cocktails at Pazo here in the city.  The cupcake was okay, but it was supposed to be paired with a drink, which I ordered.  My cupcake came, and I had to eat it because it had raspberry sorbet on top that was melting.  I finally tracked down a manager after my cupcake was long gone and I asked about when I could get my drink.  He went off to find out and then later it still hadn't come so I tracked him down and he was surprised it hadn't show up yet and went off again.  I got no apologies from the wait staff, and my drink showed up well over 15 minutes after I had finished my cupcake.  The drink was a wine with rose water, lychee liquor and a rose petal floating it, which turned out to be amazing.  However I am a little upset because everyone kept telling me how great the drink was with the cupcake, and that didn't happen for me. 
Great drink next to an empty cupcake plate.  :(
I came home, picked G up and we picked up some French bread, goat's brie, a chianti sausage, and some heirloom cherry tomatoes for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.  Simple, tasty, and more than satisfying.  
We're also picking up some tomato and cucumber plants from an amazing freecycler who has too many tomorrow.  I'm hoping we can make some boxes for the sidewalk for them leaving my backyard free for some rose bushes.  We've drawn out our plans and if all goes well we should have a nice place to relax and eat outside by the end of the month.  

We pick up our CSA on Saturday and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.  That, some fresh eggs and goat's cheese will be nice.  I love the summer for its bounty.  It is not hard to see a greater hand in the world around us at this time of year.  The soft delicacy of the peonies with their fragrance, the firm suppleness of a ripe tomato, the green leaves of the tree blowing by the wind allowing blue skies to peek through.  Beauty is not in rows of colorful eyeshadow, but rather in the colors that exist so naturally we cannot imagine life without them. 


  1. That drink sounds (and looks!) amazing!! So, too, does the cupcake...I'm so sorry you didn't get to enjoy them together! xx

  2. That cup cake and wine sounds delicious! So much so that it has inspired me for an champagne afternoon tea I am hosting this weekend! I was thinking more winter savoury - baked brie and baked camembert cheeses and pates and a mulled wine-type winter drinks, but after reading your post (and I have just bought some beautiful scented early cheer and hyacinth flowers) I have decided to go with a lighter theme and I'm going to make some cupcakes and a wine/cocktail that will match!

    Thanks for the inspiration!