Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glory In The Little Things

Today was glorious.  Nothing special, everything special.  You know that sort of day?  I wasn't going to go with G to work because I had gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep, but I roused myself, since I knew he was looking forward to lunch together.  I drove him in, then headed to starbucks where I had Pike Place and a croissant and read my book Innocent Traitor (about Lady Jane Grey).  Then I did a little shopping, picking up necessities, including some veggie dish to go with our leftover rabbit for lunch.  I met G for lunch, and instead of sitting in the car (he only gets a 1/2 hr. lunch, so no time to go anywhere), we sat on a bench near some planes at some memorial.  It was gorgeous out, and I reveled in the sun.  

Then after dropping him off I went and got some fruit, and dragged myself to the gym where I did a mile and a half.  I've decided to count any activity that is measured in distance and gets my heart rate in the cardio section.  So I ran 3/4 of a mile, jogged the other 1/4, and then did a half mile on the elliptical at a brisk pace.  Two miles, I felt great, then spent 10 minutes in the sauna sweating my sore muscles into softness.  I'm pretty sure I'm getting a leg massage tonight, thank God.  

After the gym, rather than just being lazy and reading some more I headed to check the mail, and pick up some dried beans we needed from the store.  Simple accomplishments, but I felt good.  Instead of just sitting around the house we decided to hit up a local cafe for a light dinner, then Cold Stone to share some cheesecake ice cream.  We walked around the neighborhood, enjoying the filtering in sun.  

Now we're home, my dear husband is washing up some dishes, and I'm relaxing a bit.  We're making a caprese salad, drinking some Malbec, and enjoying the cooler day we had today.  Today was nothing special, but it was extraordinary.  


  1. You're right Kalee, it's the little things that are often extraordinary!!
    I just love reading your 'little' glories:)

  2. You really do live the good life. It's so nice to hear how simple things like this add up to a fantastic day. That's what it's all about really. I'm working today but will be off until Tuesday and I'm going to thoroughly enjoy being off and having all of my time back. I don't want to waste a second of it.

  3. I love those kind of days! So glad it was one for you! :)