Saturday, June 26, 2010


Dear HP,

Your machine (our printer) constantly chooses to not grab ahold of the paper to print (we've only had it since November).  Which results in us trying desperately to get it to.  Usually that works.  This time we had to call customer service.  We got it working, and then in the end you suggested buying HP paper for the printer next time.  HP paper which is substantially more expensive than the normal, find anywhere brand.  We don't buy the cheap stuff, but we don't use yours either.  And let me tell you, it's your machine that sucks, not the paper, since we've never (nor has anyone else we know) had a problem with this paper.  Perhaps you should work on making a better working machine before your brand becomes another one that is unreliable and doesn't sell.


*EDIT*  We did find tonight that the HP paper at Target was cheaper than the stuff we were buying on base, but the HP on base is several dollars more than the everyday brand we've always used.  We've always had HP printers, but this one has caused trouble every time we turn it on.  We apparently don't use it enough!


  1. That's unacceptable. New printers should work! I've got a small HP and it's acting up too. I rarely use it.

  2. Just the opposite for me. I'm on my 3rd HP printer and I love them. I use paper from Costco without a problem.

    Aunt Karol

  3. How weird!! We have a HP printer too and have loved it for almost two years and just recently it started jamming when it grabbed the paper. We always just buy a ream of whatever generic paper, but apparently it didn't like this one. When we pulled out the other one we had it worked a ton better (still generic regular old paper - though we do always use HP photopaper). But it still jams from time to time. It's like now that it has started it can't stop doing it! I hope yours gets better!