Monday, June 14, 2010


I was at Target Friday and saw that they had bags of plums for $1.99.  I picked some up, since we were low on fruit in our house, and munched on a couple that afternoon.  That evening, for dessert I whipped up a plum tart (the plums are surrounded by a custard).  Turned out perfectly tart and juicy.  The crust is ugly as sin because this was my first time using this tart pan, and the edges were so sharp they cut my dough before I could do all my folding, so I had to go back and attach new pieces.  Eh, in the end it tasted great so I didn't care. 

Also, yes, there have been a lot of food posts lately.  That will probably continue as we eat at home more.  I will try to include recipes occasionally, and always feel free to e-mail me if there is one you want specifically.  However, a lot of the times it's something I've thrown together, improvised and I don't have a clear cut recipe.  I will completely be willing to try and tell you what I did though!

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