Friday, June 4, 2010

Super Squeal Explained

One word: SCONES!!!

Ever since leaving England I have been trying various scone recipes to bring a little bit of "home" home.  To no avail.  I've tried so many recipes I was almost done trying.  I've ended up with some really nice biscuits but I already have my great grandmother's amazing recipe for biscuits, I didn't need a new one.  What I was looking for was something that tasted the same as the scones at Emily's tearoom back home. 

And I succeeded!  G is over the moon, since he loves his scones with tea.  And I'm more than pleased.  Next time I plan on making them thicker, but the taste....divine!

The recipe comes from the book: 

Tea and Crumpets.  Honestly, one of the best things I've bought lately.  Their scone recipe turned out wonderfully, and I used their clotted cream recipe to make delicious clotted cream.  I've also made their cucumber sandwiches and the smoked salmon pinwheels and both turned out super yummy.  I'm excited to try all of the recipes one by one, including their crumpets recipe (so I can finally stop buying them from the store).  Along the way the book talks about tea and some of the famous places to have tea.  I recommend buying this book and jumping into the recipes immediately, they're not hard.  The scone recipe calls for a food processor, but I simply blended it like a pie crust by hand.  

So there you have why I was so excited!  Now I need to get off of here so G can practice his French!


  1. I have the same book! Good taste, Kalee:)
    Got it when we were there in the States last year. I love love it!! But sadly I haven't made anything from it. Thanks for confirming it for me how the scones and other recipes turned out. Have a great weekend!

  2. That's awesome! I have only made scones from a mix- I need to venture out!


  3. How is G going with his French??


  4. Okay - can I have the recipe with your addition to make them thicker?? I can never make a good scone, but they are my most favourite thing to make, serve and eat. I'd love to try a recipe that comes with such a good recommendation!