Sunday, June 6, 2010

To Market To Market

Yesterday we headed to a local farmer's market we had never been to, but wanted to check out since it's where we will be picking up our CSA.  Why we'd never been we have no idea, it's 2 minutes from our house!  In actuality it's in the neighborhood that we would love to move to eventually, with crazy colors and front porches. 
Garret had the camera and was snapping pics of me all day!

The market reminded me of England so much my heart hurt just being there, but in a good way.  There were farmers and cheesemakers and mushroom sellers.  We drank a Moroccan mint tea and munched on a croissant as we walked around.  We picked up portobello mushrooms, the last bit of asparagus this season, long french style radishes (that are so nice and spicy), french bread made that morning, cherries that hadn't been sprayed with pesticides and were juicy and sweet, petite pullet eggs (a chicken's beginning eggs, they're smaller than normal), and some goats cheese that had been rolled in herbs de provence.  We tasted a strawberry lavender jam that gave me some ideas for when my lavender blooms.  
And then we headed out to run other errands, pausing to eat lunch in our car (parked).  We opened the goat's cheese roll and thought we had died and gone to heaven.  That, spread on the fresh bread was lunch after having munched on every last cherry.  The goat's cheese was so good, and we plan on buying several balls of it in the future.  
We made it to mass yesterday and realized that that church probably isn't for us.  It's nice because it has such a large community, but we've found the priest to be unfriendly towards us as newcomers every time we've had an interaction with him.  Not exactly what we're looking for.  So I think we're headed back to St. Dominic's where though the congregation is older they have been superbly welcoming from day one.
Can you tell which is the normal sized egg?
I made an omelette for G and I to share for lunch from the pullet eggs, onion, portobello mushrooms and rocket (arugula).  Then for dinner is the stuffed red peppers.  Simple food, but good and healthy.   Something about summer time makes me want to just simplify everything. 
I truly believe that God takes care of us.  Our life is crazy right now, I was so glad to have found my dayplanner last night because trying to remember everything we have going on has been nearly impossible.  On top of that we're cleaning and re-organizing our home, all 3 floors plus basement of it.  It's been exhausting and we both wake up with sore muscles from moving things about and sitting going through boxes for hours.  But we're preparing our home for the life we plan to lead and it's worth every bit of it.  


  1. Oh, Kalee, everything looks delicious! Especially that goat's cheese, yum! xx

  2. Sounds like so much fun, imagine all the new fruits and veggies you will come across this summer.

  3. I know the nostalgic England feeling! Loved this post - that goats cheese looked soooooo good it inspired me to get some for my dinner tonight (beetroot and goats cheese risotto - it's cold here, I need comfort food!)

    but can I just say - fabulous photo! Love your shirt, basket, hair, the gorgeous scenery and even your quirky smile! Huge props to G for capturing the moment do well. Looks like a gorgeous day out!!


  4. I went to the farmer's market across the street from my studio. I cannot wait to open up the cranberry raisin bread I picked up. :-)