Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Veggie Cheese

The other day I wanted to make a sandwich and having eaten all the tomato and red onion I was sad.  So very sad.  Then I thought, we have a ton of rocket! (arugula)  So I took some softened cream cheese left from making tea sandwiches, took a ton of rocket, a little garlic powder, a little onion powder and blended it in my mini food chopper.  Voila!  Tastes like something you would dip veggies in, so if that's your desired purpose, I would say add sour cream or mayo.  It made our sandwiches of turkey and cucumber oh so good!

And a quick note.  I used to have a wee bit of a crush on Jamie Oliver back when he was The Naked Chef about a decade ago (when I was still a teen!).  Since then it's obviously faded as girlhood things usually do, however I just started watching Jamie Oliver: Food Revolution, and I think I may have a crush again.  He's phenomenal.  It's the beginning, I'm not far in, and he's just pissed off at the quality of the school's food.  Rightly so.  If you're in the U.S. please watch the whole series on  I know it's fired others up about changing to healthier eating, so I recommend it.


  1. Rocket and cream cheese. Sounds good to me too. Will try it with my next ham sandwich as we don't get turkey ham that often.

  2. This sounds lovely - and very creative of you! I really want to get a mini food process or a magic bullet mini blender so I can do things like this too!