Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's the little goals that please me.  I ran a mile and a half today.  First I ran a quarter mile, then walked a quarter mile, then ran a quarter mile, and then walked less than a quarter mile because I got bored.  That's when I really wanted to jump and shout because I ran a half mile without stopping, then showed G, got a drink of water and ran what I thought would be another quarter mile but quickly turned into a half mile because I didn't want to stop.  I kept muttering to myself as I ran "You can do this. You can do this." over and over.  It was my mantra, and I did indeed do it!  Hopefully this will keep my motivation up to run more often since I've slacked since coming back home.

The posting has been lighter lately.  I'm sorry, we're crazy busy, have a lot going on and I constantly feel like I am barely taking a breath before we're off doing something else.  I will admit it's been nice to get away from the computer.  Our house is a disaster as we turn it upside down, clean out, decide what to donate.  I've joked that I could qualify for hoarders.  I swear I have an addiction for things I think I need (such as vintage mixing bowls), but rarely do (the mixing bowls do not fall into this category because I really can go through half a dozen when I do big meals.....which let's face it is pretty durn often).  So we're cleaning out the crap, and hoping to streamline the house to make it more efficient.  

Furniture projects are taking so much longer than my patience wants to put up with.  The humidity here is making the paint simply take forever to dry.  Which means for now our tea trolley bar cart is it's original stain because I like my bar and don't want to give it up simply to wait to see paint dry.  

So here I sit, indulging in a glass of port and getting ready for a guilty pleasure (one of the housewife shows).  I've worked on my writing, ran a mile and a half, and worked on a couple secret projects all in one day.  Life has surprised me with its goodness lately, and I cannot wait to see what else is in store!


  1. Good for you!! It feels so good when you are done with a great workout, and the "you can do this" is such an important part! It really does help, I do the same thing. :)

  2. Wow! Well done on your running!! I am in awe of you (so. not. a. runner...)
    I'm glad life is so busy and good to you lately - stay happy! :) xx

  3. Yay, for achieving the little goals!

  4. I think it's spring that gives this feeling - I always want to clean out, lighten up, streamline , re-organise and buy/make/do anew in spring.

    I like the little goals too. I think that life is made up of little goals and we should note them and be pleased when we achieve them. I know when I re-look over the goals I set myself at the start of a year - little or small - I am always pleased with a sense of accomplishment to find how many I have done and how much further along I think I am when I have.