Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back To Usual

We dropped my parents off at the airport this morning whoa early.  I wasn't going to go, even told G I was sleeping in, but then realized "hey, I'm awake, might as well catch breakfast with the husband."  So in 15 minutes I was ready to go!  It was nice to have my parents here.  I now have my grandmama's sofa (divan) and her dining room set.  It smells like home to me, distinctly like my grandmama's house, and even G loves it.  A few things were left behind but will be picked up in subsequent trips.  I realized that I'm way more laid back than I used to be, since it didn't even faze me.  
My grandmama's 1940's sofa that I plan to eventually recover in a velvet and expose the hardwood legs.

My daddy was super helpful while he was here, installing new doorknobs and locks for us and helping G glue the legs on my grandmama's table more securely.  It sat in the sun for years (thanks to her gorgeous windows) so it needs to be refurbished, but I've already served 2 dinners on it.  Pleased as punch, and will be even more pleased when we pick up the table leaves next month.  The table folds to be a tiny little table for two, but extends to seat 12!  I'm imagining the dinner parties already!  Along with the dining table and chairs is a buffet that has two drawerfuls of table linens (that I ironed last summer and folded up to put away).  My dining room finally looks like a dining room rather than a kitchen table.  This week it will be off to IKEA to look for a rug (something I won't cry over if it gets pasta sauce spilled on it) and some white curtains to make the room more airy.  And I also may pick up some modern fabric to recover the seats to contrast with the age of the dining set (1940's).  
The buffet and a couple of the dining chairs.  They ended up being a perfect match for my kitchen/dining room!

My parents stay went well.  I spent all afternoon yesterday playing triominos and skip-bo with my parents.  We ended up at Chili's for happy hour with margaritas for dinner last night so I didn't have to cook, and then I made funnel cakes to munch on while we taughter G skip-bo.  Lots of giggling ensued, and I think we all slept very well.  Now it's back to usual.  I'm spending today drinking coffee, reading The Washington Post, and working on my novel.  My goal is to have a rough draft (with or without dialogue) written by January.  Since I'm hoping to go back to working next year, I figure it's smart to have a chunk done before I have significantly less time! 


  1. Sounds like an enjoyable few days.

  2. Kalee, your chairs are so similar to the vintage ones I bought in January!


  3. Sounds like you had fun with your parents! I am glad!! :)

    We totally have two IKEA rugs (that we duct taped together on the backs - but you can't really tell toooo much) under our dining room table for very similar reasons! Hope you find one that works for you!

  4. Gorgeous furniture, you're so lucky to have inherited it.

    Imagine the dining chairs in black and white large-scale gingham, or black and white toile, or black and white ticking (can you tell I like black and white).

  5. Anncychic-- I have a chair with armd and the harp pattern waiting at home (there was a mix-up and it didn't get put on the truck). Love yours!

    Kaycee-- I'm totally heading to IKEA soon to look at rugs and curtains! Good idea taping a couple together. I've thought about buying some cotton woven ones and sewing them together for a cool look.

    Fiona-- I too have a deep love for black and white. Eventually I want some black and white wide striped chairs in my sitting room. For the dining room I've looked at black and white in damask and floral.

  6. I am drooling over that buffet. Gorgeous!!!