Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bastille Day! Viva la France!

Today is Bastille Day!  Though Sarkozy will not be holding his huge party this year (thanks to government overspending in an economic crisis....ahem....Mr. 15 grand on cuban cigars), this is a day to celebrate!  On July 14, 1789 the French stormed the Bastille fortress (prison).  It was seen as the "uprising of the modern nation."

So what does it mean in our household?  Escargot and champagne of course!  (or sparkling wine because G did not understand I wanted French champagne, but eh, I'll let it pass)  And perhaps tonight I'll get around to making those croissants!


  1. Kalee,

    If you make homemade croissants, I will be so very impressed! I have often thought of making them, but am not a big baker and they look intimidating.
    Please let us know how they turn out, complete with pictures!

  2. Now let's not forget the reign of terror following shortly there after and the rise on Bonapart.

  3. Jeff, Oh yes, France definitely has it's history of violence? I mean, what would the world have been without Madame Guillotine? For one thing I wouldn't have a (joking) threat to use with my husband!

  4. Sometime we just need a litle motivation ;)