Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kerrygold Butter

I am in the middle of beginning the croissants (yes, late at night) and I thought to post this real quickly.  I love Kerrygold Butter.  No, I am not being paid to say this. (but if kerrygold wants to work something out, I will totally promote them)  While living in England one of my absolute favorite commercials was this: (please watch it talks about their grass fed cows and their fairly paid farmers)

And for the croissants tonight I am using mostly Kerrygold unsalted butter.  I love the taste, the deep golden color, and who on earth doesn't love a happy moo cow? 


  1. I would love me some Kerrygold butter! Right now I can get Anchor brand from NZ, they are amazing too. The crossaint takes 3 hrs? That's not bad at all as from what I read from French Women books takes the whole weekend! I stepped away from it. If you can do tell and with pictures.

  2. I just discovered Kerrygold -- they were giving away samples of it at the grocery. Now I'm hooked. BTW, your croissants look so professional.

  3. Ping, I'm trying the French Women croissants next! I figure I should just be bold, and if I fail, well, that's what bakeries are for!

    Karin, I wish a grocery in my area was giving away samples! (not that i love butter or anything...) Thank you!