Friday, July 16, 2010


I am extremely groggy/half-asleep this morning.  Last night I made G a "I don't want to cook" dinner (more on that later) and then we got all talkative and philosophical over a bottle or so of wine.  Which might have made for great sleep, but nope.  Dreams all night, worrisome dreams of spies and people taking photos of me with their key fob.  It was odd to say the least.

So G was nice enough to make me coffee, and now I'm at the diner drinking hot water with lemon because I'm supposed to be cutting back on caffeine and I know I don't need 8 cups before 10 a.m.  Poached eggs, crispy bacon and wheat toast for breakfast.  Heavier, but I need to protein's energy.
As for dinner last night I was lying in bed reading and told G that I didn't want to cook.  I was hot, tired and just didn't want to.  The issue is we didn't really have anything I trusted G to cook.  So I went downstairs thinking, "I'll just heat up some chicken and steam some broccoli and call it a night."  Instead, I sliced up two onions we had from our CSA.  I sauteed them in butter, added a bit of the gelatinous goodness from roasting the chicken the other night, and then added torn up dark meat, a little splash of half and half, the last of our maille mustard (maybe a Tbsp or so worth) and torn up broccoli leaves.  It turned out sooooo good I don't even know how to describe it.  We ate it over slices of French bread and have enough for leftover.  Veggies were steamed broccoli with a bit of butter and steamed carrots with lemon juice.  Tasty, simple, and provided a good foundation for our wine consumption. 
I was going to talk about what we were discussing, but I'm too sleepy.  More later. 

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