Thursday, July 15, 2010

Un Croissant, Un Croissant

Hee hee hee, hon hon hon!  (sung to the Le Poisson song from Little it's never too early for Disney!)
(Wearing a silk scarf for coffee out with the husband beforehand, I kept it on for baking at first.)

So, I began the croissants last night and then let them rise for the 5 hours I slept.  The recipe is from The French Market, so another recipe down.  The process wasn't difficult, a lot of rolling out, folding and letting sit (3 different times).  So while the recipe says it takes 3 hours so much of that is resting.  
Ingredients at the ready.  All weighed out on my handy dandy scale.
Yeast in the center of flour.
Butter patted/rolled out between wax paper.
This took up most of my counter.
Folding the dough into a nice little package.
Ready to rise!
Golden brown, hot from the oven!

I think these turned out fairly well.  They were pretty tasty with coffee this morning, but not flaky enough for me so we will be making the ones from French Women Don't Get Fat next.  I tried these first since the others take a few days to make.  I'll let you all know how it goes!


  1. Impressive! They are beautiful.

  2. Kalee,

    I'm so very impressed, just like I said I would be. Croissants are, hands down, my favorite baked good. I have no big plans this weekend and a croissant recipe already picked out. Perhaps I will try my hand at croissant making like you.

    Thank you for all the pictures! Suddenly I'm starving.

  3. Thank you ladies, I swear they were simple.

    La Belette, if you were close I would so bring you a couple!

    Adrienne, I can't wait to see how yours turn out!

  4. Oh, I am so impressed with your boulanger skills. They look delicious.

    Also, the photo of you is lovely, the colours and style really suit you.

  5. Look at you all dressed up! I like I like!! Thank you again for putting up pictures. I think I'll give the croissants a try this weekend too! Wish me luck:)

  6. Perhaps you would save one for your maman next week???

    Love you.