Monday, July 19, 2010

Light Fare Lunch

After drinking a lot of wine lately I figured it was time to cut back a little, enjoy our veggies.  I made some stock and then got down to the business of making leek and potato soup.  It was my first time using my new immersion blender, and it worked beautifully!  

So today for lunch I am having some cold soup with a bit of bacon sprinkled on top, and a couple pieces of bread.  That and some sparkling water and it's a very satisfying meal.  For G's lunch he brought some soup and a sandwich I made him last night.  I took french bread and put roasted chicken, brie, romaine, and tomato.  It looked so good, so I hope he enjoyed it!  

Have you been eating lighter lately?  We always seem to in the summer.  And I love soup!  On the menu for the next couple of weeks are soups and more soups, all new ones to me!  I will be trying lentil soup and mushroom soup.  Can't wait!


  1. Immersion blenders rock! I use mine all the time.

  2. I love a well made potato leek soup! That looks delicious!

    We actually tend toward less soup in the summer because it's so hot. But we still have some here and there. And french bread - my favorite!

  3. Sounds delicious! I have two leeks in the fridge which I plan to make leek and potato soup with tomorrow. I've never had it cold though, you've given me something to think about. Merci.

  4. I've been eating alot of soup lately - but not because it's summer and it's a lighter meal - quite the opposite in fact!

    If I imagine that one 60 degrees warmer it looks delicious!


  5. I want an immersion blender! Been eating a lot of main dish salads as it's so hot and humid here. I'm thinking of soup first (bean base) and salad. That's mainly for lunch. Dinner is normal but lighter.