Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Midnight Coffee

It's midnight.  I've chopped up a watermelon for tomorrow, made G a sandwich (roasted chicken, smoked horseradish cheddar, romaine and mayo on french bread), put together his lunch for tomorrow (the sandwich, watermelon, and a cup of soup with bacon), and am now drinking coffee at midnight.  I like it like that.  

Things I have on my mind right now:

* My parents are coming in just a few days.  Must make my home welcoming.

* I really need to find some workout classes I like.  All the running did was add muscle to my legs that are not so friendly with my jeans.

* I am on the search for a place with knitting/crochet classes.  I love afghans and would like to make some for winter.  

* My novel's storyboard is partially done.  Too bad there's all that lovely dialogue and plot points I now have to actually write.  Eh, that's what coffee is for!

* And last but not least my husband is currently washing his hair because I cut out a slice of watermelon, completely leaving a circle and what do you do at 11:30 at night?  You make your husband pose with it on his head like a crown.  Oh yes, yes you do!  With photo evidence!
"I am the watermelon king!"

He's come in and seen what I am up to, so I'm off! 


  1. You guys are so funny! I was just going to ask how your novel was coming along. Thanks for the update. Now I'm going to read your previous posts. Coffee at midnight...crazy..j/k.

  2. I love this post hearing what is on your mind right at that moment.

    But does that mean no more running??


  3. Dont forget about knitting those socks you posted about! :)

  4. I think it's sweet how you fix your husband lunch to take to work. Plus, they always sound so good, it makes me want to make a better lunch!

  5. LOL.... oh that is fabulous!