Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Husband and Conversations With Little Old Ladies

So we went and picked up our CSA this morning.  In the pouring rain.  And let me pause here and tell you that the one thing that freaks me out more than anything else is getting my feet wet in rain water.  It's dirty and it grosses me out and I freak out more than a little bit.  So off we went under one umbrella and we picked up a whole bunch of goodies, including what I needed to make ratatouille for the first time (and oh how I wish the rats around here would help explain how to make this dish well).  

But we didn't bring money, well no more than $5.  So of course the butter I was wanting to try was $5.50.  Of course.  So we came back home and I told G, "Please go get money and get some butter and mozzarella cheese for me."  This was said knowing that there was no way in hell I was going back out in those puddles.  I smiled nicely, and G who desperately wanted this fresh local mozzarella cheese agreed heartily.

My husband is an older person magnet.  My grandmama thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread, and so do all her friends.  He's the sweetest gentleman with them and they are always all a twittering.  So of course walking back with his butter and cheese to the car (a couple blocks away) he is stopped by a little old lady who tells him "that butter is soooo worth it.  I bought some unsalted and I took it home and put it on my corn on the cob and it was wonderful.  Of course I put salt and pepper, but there wasn't any extra salt in the butter."  This conversation continued.  And on.  

Then when he was off and walking again a woman sweeping her porch accidentally hit some furniture and it startled G and he looked up.  So the woman smiled real big and waved.  I am certain had he been on the same level as her it would have prompted a conversation.  

I don't type any of this to complain.  G and I actually love older people, and have been known to stop in the middle of a store to discuss heirloom vegetables in an array of colors for 20 minutes or so with someone.  We can admit we sometimes run behind schedule because we love old people, particularly those with that spark, that happy smile that calms one when thinking about growing older.  We indulge.  But shouldn't we?  Isn't that our duty as the youth, to indulge those who have gone before us?  And really, you get the best tips on vegetables!


  1. What a sweet story -- it's great that your husband will wade through puddles for butter for you. I think your indulgences with the older folks is what community is all about.

  2. I totally agree! I hate it when people right off those that are older as not important or not having anything to contribute. They are people that know so much more than we do. So many more experiences, and when they are so friendly and happy to chat? I will be happy to chat too. I know from my Grandma and Grandpa - you make their day by taking the time. Good for you for taking the time!