Saturday, July 10, 2010

How Do You Clean?

I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning.  I am super detail oriented so will spend hour arranging things "just right" but forget to vacuum.  And I cannot clean unless I have background noise, whether that be music or a movie.  And I bring this up only because G is making coffee so my dragging butt can get moving at finally organizing our bedroom a little bit better (did I mention we're switching out all the furniture this summer, thereby making this effort useless for too long?).  

But it will be worth it.  Because I am completely one of those everything-has-a-dang-place-and-please-oh-please-don't-put-that-in-that-drawer-it-goes-in-the-other-sort-of-people. 


  1. hi kalee,

    i found your blog through fiona's, how to be chic. i see you have 3 blogs!
    i will check the other 2 out next.

    i am one of those freaks that like to clean. my sisters hate me for this. but i find the routine soothing. in times of stress my house is spotless! crazy.


  2. Janet, how funny, I was just visiting your blog before you came and visited mine! I only really have the 2 blogs now, since the crunchy chic one isn't one I've written on in a very long time.

    I have moments where I am a cleaning mad woman, and get the whole house done quickly. Other days things pile up and it gets overwhelming and I'd rather run off to a cafe and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

  3. I find cleaning relaxing when there is music playing in the background. I like to focus on one room at a time picking everything up and putting it in it's place, then I will dust and then vacuum. Right now I really want a steam cleaner for my bathroom floor. I know it's a gadget and I've been resisting so far but it just looks so cool. Plus I want to use it on my shower walls for soap scum because I can never keep that totally clean.

  4. First time here. The word" cleaning "caught my eye. I like cleaning, as the result can be seen immediately. I´m the only one who cleans in our household. The others just mess around. Maybe my cleaning is more like placing things in order and throwing the unnecessary stuff away. I find myself vacuum cleaning less, and I don´t scrub the bathroom with a toothbrush. I wish to have the laundry done daily, hate to see clothes thrown over chairs and floor. And I don´t want to have lots of decorating stuff around.

  5. I'm a very "reactional" cleaner. Only when it needs done do I get to it, unless we have company over. But, give me a latte plus Pandora and I'm MOVING! :)


  6. Stephanie, I have to have music to dance to when I clean! Today was a lot of pop before we put a film on. And a steam cleaner might be handy!

    Metscan, Thanks for stopping by! I love when after I've cleaned my home looks more inviting. I'm slowly learning to throw away unnecessary items.

    Steph, I totally understand! Coffee is a cleaning person's friend (or tea, or chocolate!)

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning too. I love a clean and organized space and house. I generally end up spot cleaning the 'worst' the second I see it because I can't stand it. And when I can? I go on all out cleaning and organizing binges. The only problem is when I am like that I get side tracked so instead of cleaning my house I end up cleaning/sorting/tossing/donating things to clean out two closets, or the toy box, or my drawers instead of cleaning the house. :) I figure it all has to be done anyway so I try to go with it!