Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Work In Progress

Our little walk in closet has been a general disaster since we moved in.  Too many things just thrown in there and then the door shut so we don't have to see the mess.  So I spent a few hours today tidying up, which included taking nearly all the clothes out (not much were on hangers, mind you), and putting away cold weather items, organizing a bit.  Here's the work in progress (we have laundry going that will end up on my empty hangers).
Eventually we want to rip this closet to shreds.  The shelves on top are not even deep enough for a shoe box (something we'll know to bring along when looking at our next home).  We're wanting to measure and build our own with two levels of hanging with drawers underneath that and then shelves up high that you need a small ladder for (the ceiling in our closet is a good 9') that can store out of season items.  For now, I organize the best I can.
This is my favorite little closet helper.  I think it's supposed to be a tie and belt thing, but whatever.  It's keeps my scarves from sliding off and getting lost, and on this side I can see them all and pick one at a time.  

Still working, I'm exhausted from the sheer mental effort cleaning takes.  

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  1. I have been on a closet cleaning binge! The closet by my front door and the one by my back door are GORGEOUS now - and actually have more SPACE in them for stuff if needed after I got rid of all that was not needed. However, we will not discuss the walk-in closet in my master bedroom at the moment. Nor the small walk-in that's in another bedroom we currently use for an office... scary. They are on the list... must... clean... soon.... :)