Sunday, July 11, 2010

Simple Yummy Dinner

We are out of a lot except veggies in this house.  So last night I rolled out the second half of the pizza dough (that we had frozen) and made ratatouille pizza with red onion, yellow pepper, zucchini, tomato and eggplant.  It turned out delicious and was our breakfast and lunch today too.
Then today, we realized, um, yeah, we still don't have much food.  So instead of running to the store (and losing our parking spot---it is a Sunday after all) I told G to boil some water and throw in some pasta (actually the only pasta we had in the house).  While that was boiling I chopped up the last remaining bit of turkey kielbasa (less than a bratwurst worth) and sauteed it to crisp it up some.  Then I sauteed some onions and garlic and dumped the rest of the goat cheese in to soften.  While that all was doing it's thing, G and I shelled fresh peas (snacking on their casings, which are delicious!).  I also chopped up some tomato.  Throw everything together and a surprisingly tasty meal is what you get.  I recommend it to someone wanting something simply but flavorful.  
 (We left the peas fresh for the crunch, and ground some fresh pepper)

Now of course I really do need to make a grocery list.  I'm thinking roast chicken since it's cheap, quick, easy and will last all week.  That with some eggplant I made last night and some roasted potatoes and steamed carrots.  A mainly veggie meal with local organic produce from our CSA!

*EDIT* Because we used all the fresh peas, I lightly cooked some frozen ones for today's lunch.  While in the freezer I found the last of our chicken meatballs that we made last month, so there is our meat for our meal!  


  1. Kalee,

    That pasta looks divine! Don't you love when a dish comes together unplanned like that? I'm sure you felt quite accomplished.

    Do you buy your pizza dough or make it? If you make it, do you have a recipe you could share with us? I'm looking for a tasty one that doesn't involve hours of rising and lots of kneading.

    I just bought two whole chickens for roasting yesterday for the first time in probably a decade. I have been so used to taking the lazy way out and buying them at the market that I forgot I could do it myself for less. And I can control the sodium and seasonings. I'm looking forward to seeing how yours turns out.


  2. Adrienne, I love throwing meals together. Lately that's been where the best meals have come from!

    I make my own pizza dough. This last time I used the recipe from the UK restaurant Strada. It's simple, easy to follow and both my husband and I loved the olive oil flavor of it. Unfortunately any fresh dough will take an hour or two to rise.

    I love roasting a chicken, we can usually make one last for 4 different meals for the two of us (so 8 portions or more). I cannot wait to see how yours turned out!

  3. In case you are drowning in zucchini again next week...this was my favorite thing to use it for last year:

    I hope I get more from our CSA pickup tomorrow so I can make another!