Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Tonight is pizza night.  I haven't made homemade pizza in months, and we both have been craving it.  We have some turkey kielbasa that I am slicing super thin and we're topping it with sliced red onions, chopped tomato, and fresh mozzarella.  Add in some chili oil and we should be good.  Too bad we've yet to find dried chili's for the chili oil!  

If you need creative ideas for pizza, I highly recommend looking at menus of places that make authentic thin crust Italian style pizza.  The restaurant we went to all the time in England, Strada, has their menus online (as well as a recipe section!) and we've gathered inspiration from their pizzas, pasta, appetizers, oh, everything really.  Rather than just doing pepperoni, think about what else you can add.  Veggies, mushrooms, spices, etc.  The summer is the perfect time to experiment with so many vegetables being plentiful and cheap.  

And on that note I want to highly recommend really thinking about seasonality.  As much as we love roasted brussels sprouts and asparagus (both currently plentifully available at our local commissary), we know they won't be as good as when in season.  There is nothing like roasted brussels sprouts with garlic and olive oil in the winter, or asparagus in pasta and on salads in the spring.  But once summer hits, asparagus is tougher, less flavorful, and if you want it in pasta I recommend frozen.  It's been hard, because we love our veggies in this house!  But by focusing on what's in season we've gotten yummy food that easily satisfies because it's bursting with flavor and the texture is perfect!


  1. Friday is pizza night but lately it has changed with our work schedules. Hopefully we can get back to it soon. Love mine with loads of veggies: mushrooms in season now, green bell peppers, onions and jalepanos! Making me hungry.

  2. I need to practice my pizza dough making skills more I think - my pizza bases are often harder than I'd like. Maybe I need to invest in some serious flour, not just supermarket high grade? Thanks for the Strada link, the recipes look so good.

    Your idea of using menus for inspiration is great!

    About 15 years ago I remember being at a friend of a friend's house who whipped up last minute homemade pizzas for 6-8 of us. I was so impressed (and still am clearly since I can still remember it).

  3. Do you make your own dough? If so can you share how to do it? I'd like to be able to make my own as I like making this at the spur of the moment sometimes. Good idea about inspiration from pizza menus!

  4. Ping, I think G and I need a once a month or every other week pizza night. Jalapenos on pizza sounds so good!

    Fiona, I like a thin, more crisp crust. But the dough recipe I've used for years can make either a thin crust or works well for a great doughy hand tossed style crust. I love whipping up homemade pizza for other people! It's easy, satisfies, and looks impressive when it's really quite simple.

    Stephanie, yep, I make my own dough and my own sauce. I can e-mail you both the recipe I normally use and the one we tried tonight. And it really is so quick, though the dough can take a couple hours to rise and really be good.

  5. My mom and I are making a pizza with homemade pesto, sauteed onion and mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and a mix of mozzarella and blue cheese. It's gonna be good!!

  6. What a great call on eating seasonly, I was just thinking about that this week. Also I love squash and zucchini on pizza.