Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Il n'est pas

I was commenting on a blog today, sharing with her a truth I have learned this past year.  I thought, "I should share this on my own blog, since sometimes you just need to hear it."  This past year has taught me a lot.  My temper has calmed, I roll with the punches more.  But mainly, I've learned two huge truths.  

First, you cannot change anyone, only yourself.  Others will see the light when they see the light.  They will not get there because you hope they will.  They may never get there.  But you can change.  You can learn to adjust, or choose to not accept, or to simply pray for them.

Secondly, I have learned to say this to myself:  "It sucks.  It is okay to be a bit unhappy about it.  But it does not define you or your life."  I swear this is one of the best mantras.  For me it means that whatever suck-y moment, whatever is upsetting me, it will pass.  In the end I probably won't even remember it.  It does not define me.  It does not make or break my life.

Are there any words of wisdom you live by?


  1. Thanks :) You are very wise. I'm going to adopt these mantras and say them every single day until it sinks in!

  2. I need to remember those tidbits.

  3. By a teacher in India.
    "With every situation you face in life, you can either choose to grow bitter or better" So true. It so helped me to move forward with the people that are not willing to change even if you have helped them. I choose to be better and pray for those to see the light.

  4. Stephanie, I always suggest writing them down and putting them somewhere you will see everyday. We have a quote by Emerson on our bedside table that is great.

    Bobbi, you do indeed!

    Ping, I need to come see what you are up to on your blog. I switched browsers and cut myself off from blogs and how I have missed reading yours! That quote is so fantastic because it's true!