Monday, July 5, 2010


Some say diamonds are a girl's best friend (and let's face it, I wouldn't turn down nice ones!).  However I have always and will always love pearls.  So when I saw a 64 inch strand online of 8 mm freshwater pearls  on a site that I had store credit I decided to ask G if I could splurge on a bauble for myself.  His answer was a resolute yes (he loves me in pearls and black dresses).   So now these babies will be mine!  I am already picturing wearing them in Paris next year, but I won't be saving them until then!  
And, as Ms. Chanel is the photo inspiration for the day I must mention that I am in a panic, because my Coco Mademoiselle eau de parfum is nearly gone.  I still have the parfum left, but because of it's high concentration (and tiny little bottle) I save it for special occasions, and in this heat it would burn off too quickly.  I checked the base store and of course they are out!  Hmm, perhaps no5 will become a more frequent scent.  


  1. Gorgeous photos of La Coco, and your pearls sound divine. Perhaps some photos of you modelling when they arrive?

  2. Ooh, 64" is a fantastic length for pearls you can do all sorts of things with them. And such a classic! They will be with you forever. You can't go wrong with either fragrance, and soon you can buy your favorite again. There is nothing like either of them, they are both divine!

  3. Fiona-- of course I am going to model them! I'm a bit of a photographic ham! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    Stephanie-- I am so, so excited! And yes, I love both fragrances. I've also been spritzing the eau de premiere I got from you a while back, and loving it!

  4. Can't wait to see you in them! I love pearls, too; i think they can be so much more versatile than diamonds, and cross between day and evening looks much better.