Sunday, July 4, 2010

Running For Life

I have felt exuberant these past couple of days.  Tonight we took the dogs and ran another 1.4 miles (well, ran nearly all of it, and kept our heart rates up jogging and speedwalking the rest).  I was worried about Audrey (our mini dachshund), but that girl was NOT going to let Sophie beat her.  If Sophie ran, Audrey ran as fast as her little legs would go, and when jogging, she nosed ahead of Sophie.  It's very clear in our house who is the boss, and it isn't Sophie!  

Garret and I are planning to do this run every night this summer, hopefully increasing to 2 laps every night eventually (adding up to 2.8 miles a night!).  At this rate I added it up and I will have beat my goal of 250 miles by January.  I set the goal of 250 to allow for lazy days (which I had plenty of this past month!).  But I never imagined I could push myself so far and would love running again so much!  So hopefully by May I will be running a couple miles a day, at least 5 days a week.  That would mean running about 400-450 miles by my birthday!  And I cannot imagine what better gift to give myself than a great running start to a healthy adult life!

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  1. OK I'm impressed you are running. I fear my joints would not agree with me if I tried this, so I'm starting with walking for now.