Saturday, July 3, 2010

Staycation Break

So, while I take a mini break from my staycation (G is unloading and reloading the dishwasher), I thought I would post real quick about how it's going.  Thursday pate and wine was amazing, but we were so tired neither one of us remembers going to bed.  We were there and then we woke up (really early, we fell asleep by maybe 9:30).  Which was nice, and very well needed as neither one of us had slept well last week.  

Friday was spent being lazy, reading, heading to Indian for lunch (we closed them down after having been there 2 1/2 hrs).  For dinner we had leftover veggie soup with bread.....and wine of course.  Woke up early today to head to the market where we picked up more broccoli, sugar snap peas (most of which we devoured immediately), garlic, red potatoes, peppers, romaine, and radishes.  Headed to coffee afterwards and enjoyed flipping through my new Vogue (the one with Marion Cotillard on the cover).  Then dropped off the veggies and headed out to the library.  

On route to the American Visionary Art Museum we stopped off in the Mount Vernon neighborhood, picked up The Washington Post, and stopped at a Bistro for lunch.  Three hours later, completely sated we headed to the car, only to stop at a park bench to sit and read more of the paper.  Finally we headed to the museum where it was firmly decided in my mind that most modern art just isn't for me.  Walked along the water, took in some sun, then headed home to finish off some wine.  

Dinner was simple.  After spending the evening consuming nearly all the peas, plus going on a nearly mile and a half run, we were hungry, but wanting something simple.  French bread, goat's cheese, caramelized onions and a tiny bit of fresh time made a delicious meal.  I also made tomorrow's lunch and dinner, but you will just have to wait and see what that is!

Now we're sipping on watermelon coolers (watermelon, lime juice, crushed ice).  Perfect in this hot weather.  Staycation has been an amazing success so far, and we're only halfway through!  

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