Friday, July 2, 2010


G has a 4 day weekend!  We thought about going away for the weekend, taking off with the puppies to a bed and breakfast and escaping the whole holiday weekend.  But then I suggested us saving our money (we're wanting to rent this place for a week or so next Spring in Paris) and having a staycation instead.  Where we stay in, stay local, and enjoy the gorgeous weather.  Last night we jumpstarted it with pate and prosecco at one of our favorite haunts.  Then home, where we quickly fell asleep, with me waking up at 5 this morning.  Crazy, right?

We're going out today to work out, eat, and then it's back home for some canoodling and perhaps G will finally get to watch Slum Dog Millionaire (I saw it over a year ago).  We're also planning to hit up a modern art museum.  (and come to think of it I have a piece of my own to finish for the house....)  

Tomorrow is a free day, we'll be headed to the farmer's market and a local cafe for coffee, of course, but then it's home to relax.  Sunday we have a very early breakfast/brunch at a neighborhood diner I heard about from the girl's at the bookclub and then yesterday got an e-mail about from a brunching friend.  Fate?  I think so!

What I can assure you we will not be doing this weekend?  Fireworks.  The crazy crowds are just not my thing.  There's just something about any environment where parents let their children run around like they had no home training that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  So, adult activities it is!

*As for the lack of photos lately, iPhoto is acting wonky, or the browsers are.  We're figuring it out.*


  1. I'm doing a staycation too :)

    Except it's not as well planned out as yours. Must get on top of that this morning. I would like to go see a movie today to start off with.

  2. The little place in Paris is absolutely divine!
    I love it!

  3. OHHHH, I just looked at the Paris apartment and it makes want to pack my bags to go there again!!!!! And your reason for a staycation is a great goal, especially for Paris. I'm saving for a trip in November.

    Have a happy 4th of July and enjoy your staycation!