Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crab Bash

Last night we headed to the crab bash.  My biggest mistake was in assuming we would be sitting (or that there would be seating if you chose to partake in it).  So I wore heels.  Huge mistake, I was on my feet for about 3 hours straight.  Near the end we realized in the hotel area there were couches and chairs and partook in those. 
I wore a Maggie London dress I hadn't worn before with a Vera Wang (from Kohl's) necklace and my Chinese Laundry heels. 

So the crab bash was a cook-off, with different stations to go and try the food.  We went through quite quickly to try everything so they wouldn't run out (one station as we were leaving the upper level had no more, but it was our first stop that level).  The first station we were to was the chef at the B&O's station.  He made a crab cake with a petite ravioli and some beautiful tomatoes (the big bowl there is full of petite purple and orange ones).
Then we headed off to the SALT restaurant table where we tasted a delicious crab in avocado dish.  It had a corn salad with a bit of a kick to it.
Our third stop was one of the group's favorites.  Rich and delectable a crab and sweet corn ravioli with a basil oil drizzle and a chorizo chip.  
There were 7 entrants total, with some I was simply unimpressed with.  The one that won the best flavor category had pickled beets and had a complex taste, but quite frankly was plated the worst.  The dish that won the whole shebang was Brewer's Art.  They did a crab cake with a southern corn salad and two sauces, one which was a homebrew beer sauce.  Strange but delicious, it was my pick to win.  
Overall it was a fun night.  The money went to a worthwhile cause, and I got to know a lady I had met recently better.  I would say the night was a win.

*EDIT*  I forgot to mention the gentlemen who came up and interrupted our conversation while we were sitting on a sofa to tell me that they just loved my necklace.  I was extremely pleased and flattered since I was debating wearing it since it's so flashy.   


  1. Kalee,

    The night was a win and so was your outfit! I love that dress - It's very flattering.
    What a fun and yummy evening you guys had!


  2. Tres chic outfit Kalee, and that food looks so delicious.

  3. Your outfit is very chic. One day before I die I want to taste a real New England style crab cake. Ours are different here and I like the way they look better from the East Coast.