Tuesday, August 17, 2010


G has slowly but surely been making his way through the Rosetta Stone program.  We have the entire set (all 5 levels) so that eventually he and I will both be completely fluent.  But I've been skeptical.  Sometimes weeks will go by without him finding the time for it, though lately he's been trying to use it daily, and he's getting ready to complete the first level.  So we were lying in bed the other evening, me reading Entre Nous because I can hardly listen to him speak French without reading about them as well!  And if we're being honest, he hocks on the words more than a comedian doing a French accent.  His accent is a little harsh, but I figure it will get better as he gets a better grasp on the language (and if not, perhaps we'll meet up with the French group here and he can catch on from them).  So his studying tends to be interrupted occasionally by me correcting him because if he says it incorrectly for the 15th time I might have an aneurysm.  But the other night I looked over because he was in the spelling section where he was typing.  And damn if he wasn't typing words that I didn't even really know.  (well, I knew what they meant by guessing, but they were different variants of words I knew.)

So I'm impressed.  He's been taking his own sweet time, going back to lessons he didn't do so hot on until he does.  And suddenly I'm thinking our dream of a bilingual household may be possible. 


  1. i am in awe of your commitment to learning another language to fluency! i know a bit of french, bit of portuguese, bit of russian...none of them even close to fluency, and though i love the idea of being bilingual and dream vaguely of doing it "one day" i've not actually got beyond vague yet... ;) xxx

  2. Oh, VERY impressive !!! Wow, that is awesome :) how fun ! ... btw, I love Entre Nous !

  3. well, not sure it went through ... BUT ... That is very impressive :))) ... it is hard to learn a language, let alone as an adult !!!
    BTW, I love Entre Nous :)

  4. I'm happy the Rosetta Stone is working for you guys. You are both young so you'll pick it even faster. We're in our second year of Thai and still can't get the sound right. But it's not stopping me even in my old age, LOL! Go Garret go!!