Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Didn't Starve

Tonight I was backreading Ping's blog and she mentioned making an Ethiopian dish called Doro Wat.  It sounded delicious and while trying to research recipes I decided "hey, maybe it would be easier to find a restaurant."  So I found one.....a mile from my house.  After reading reviews for it I figured it would be a nice surprise for G and told him to be ready to eat when he got home.  After being quite mysterious for a while I told him where we were going and he was thrilled!  
I should have taken photos of the outside.  It's a simple, unassuming place on a corner with some outdoor tables and chairs (that we skipped because it was supremely muggy today).  Inside it reminded me of a simple French cafe.  A big bar you saw facing you as you walked in, and little tables scattered here and there.  They also have a second level, but with it being just us two in a fairly empty place we chose a table by the window.  We ordered some honey (mead-esque) wine and some veggie stuffed pastries to start.  Then we decided to go with the most deluxe combo platter they had because it had the Doro Wat on it, along with like a barbecued chicken, beef with onions and jalapenos, and seasoned ground meat.  It also had lentils, yellow peas, tomatoes with onion and jalapenos, cabbage with carrots and potatoes, homemade cottage cheese, and yummy collard greens.  That with tons of injera, a sour pancake style bread that you tear pieces off of to scoop up food with and we have plenty of leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  
We stopped so we would have room for dessert, baklava.  After ordering two (because in most places it's a couple bites worth and at just $3.25 I thought it would probably be little) I got a little worried about the size and had G go ask.  They assured him it wasn't too big.  They are delusional.  They brought out two large triangle slices of it, and we only ate half of one!  We still have 3 servings of baklava left (6 total servings when divided between us two).  It was madness. 
 Both came home with us!
Everything we ate and drank was delicious.  And with it being so close to home, it may become our favorite little place nearby.  They're open late (like 2 a.m. late) which is good since after we got there the whole place slowly filled up.  We left a very crowded restaurant stepping out into the sun, sated and content. 


  1. Everything looks so delicious! (Except for the collard greens blech)And the baklava looks like a standard serving. At least that's exactly what it looks like when my mom gets it. We should go there when I come visit. If nothing else...for the baklava!

  2. You will try the collard greens or there will be no dessert for you young lady! I actually have acquired quite the love for them and am hard pressed to share. I am so excited for your visit!

  3. Yay, for trying Ethiopian! When I first saw the greens, I was like, no thanks but I really liked it. We like the lentils as well. I've never had baklava before. Bruce said it might be to sweet for me. Will get the recipe out for you.

  4. That looks so good! We, recently, moved from a larger city to a small southern town and I really miss restaurants that aren't a chain. You showed amazing self-control with that baklava!