Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mid-Afternoon Ruminations

* It's a Wednesday.  It's trivia night.  Not sure if I want to go.  Seriously, I'd rather stay in and clean more than sit and drink water.  Why water?  Because I found out Blue Moon had like 250 calories and for that much I'd rather drink water and be able to eat some tomatoes with a glass of red wine.  

* As much as I love Sophie I think next time we're getting tiny little Westies.  It's been a dream of mine for a couple years now.  Little dogs that blend into my dream white/grey palette home.  G's promised me this is okay, and though it's probably (thank God) a decade off, I'm envisioning two little white furballs in cute Burberry sweaters.

* Speaking of Sophie, got a message from the people we bought her from wondering how all the puppies were doing.  I sent a letter and a few photos/movies back.  And got some pics of her parents and her brother back.  Her brother is bigger than either parents....he's huge.  I'm quite thankful Sophie ended up being petite.  But she looks exactly like her father!  When I told her this, her response was, "Of course I do, mummy, I have his eyes."  (referring to G.  She's never handled it well when we tell her she was adopted.)

* G is beginning to surpass me in French.  Sure, when I speak I sound native but he knows more vocabulary.  Perhaps with all my free time I need to work a little harder at it?

* I found a Facebook group for my French elementary school.  Not many people on it.  But I'm nearly certain that one person is my beloved French kindergarten teacher.  The one my husband has heard me talk about.  So I wrote her a note to see.  Is it horrible that I am more excited by this than most anything?  I used to wonder about her, but with only a first name I had no way to search.

* My husband has been keeping me supplied with plenty of earl grey lately in an attempt to use up some of our loose leaf.  I'm now re-addicted to it and will promptly be getting a lecture from my doctor the next time I see her I'm sure.  But hey, it's better than coffee!  At least with the earl grey I only drink it, no milk, no sugar......and think of the anti-oxidants!  

* I really wish I could set up a girl's weekend to meet some of my favorite bloggers!  Seriously, it would be such a chic outing, the city we were in would be forever changed.  Mon Dieu, can you imagine?

* And finally, thank God for leftover Ethiopian because I really didn't want to have to cook a meal.  Sure I plan on taking the roma tomatoes and slow cooking them into a pasta sauce, and I have 2 eggplant to roast for baba ganoush (which we're using as a sauce on a Mediterranean pizza tomorrow), but I can take my sweet time.  I'm also making a quiche to freeze for later (we have so many eggs right now that need to be used up, and I'm throwing in onions, roast chicken, gruyere, and maybe some zucchini).  So, sure I'll be cooking like I'm on Little House, but at a nice slow pace. 


  1. Rosetta stone is excellent for vocabulary. Must start up again soon. I like you posts like's fun to read about different topics.

  2. yummm ... the pics of the food look amazing !!!
    Thanks for stopping by to visit - I went with structured !

  3. My mom just put my childhood dog Scarlett (westie) of 15 years down last week. I am so glad that you have a love for them they are such great dogs, very loyal and so loving. I am all for a blogging get together.