Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's Sunday

And not only am I not at mass, but I'm cleaning around the house.  Sophie is sick today, has been since last night, and that coupled with my foot causing me to consider how addictive tylenol is made G think it might be best to stay home today.  But instead of being idle, he brought me a bagel with cream cheese in bed.  We've snuggled Sophie and Audrey (because what you do for one...).  And G is brushing Sophie out (she's been shedding more than usual with this heat), while I'm vacuuming up the problem.  Seriously, I am unsure why she isn't bald yet!  Audrey thinks the vacuum is something to chase and she darts out from under furniture to attack.  But only when it's on.  

Last night I made a veggie quiche with tomatoes, zucchini, baby eggplant, onion and gruyere.  I hope it tastes good (I made it for our lunch today).  I was sad that last night I had to throw out the two large eggplant I had, along with some roma tomatoes.  I waited too long to do anything with them.  Next week at the farmer's market I am hoping to pick up enough ingredients to make ratatouille.  Red pepper, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and red onion.  Mmm!

I've come to recognize that two things make me happy and content.  A clean, organized home.  And keeping busy.  I hate the days when all I have to do is sit around, maybe checking e-mail.  I love the days (and they seem more common in the winter, perhaps it's hibernation) when I sit and knit a scarf or work on a doll for my niece, all while I have something in the oven and something on the stove.  I think that's why I enjoy the Little House stories.  They were so busy!  I'm making a list of all the homemade Christmas gifts I want to make, along with things I want to make for our home.  The list is daunting, but in a good way.  And with the help of earl grey perhaps I'll get it all done!

Oh, and for those others who are Catholic out there, when we miss mass we find it helpful to look up the daily readings and take some time to read them and discuss.  You can also listen to mass on


  1. Oh I so agree about enjoying the days you are busy! I can't help but feel like I've wasted my time if I've not done anything with the day...even though sometimes it is sooo hard to motivate myself.
    I've just started crocheting squares for a blanket, so even though I've wasted lots of time watching TV today I can at least sigh with satisfaction that I have a bunch of granny squares completed. Haha...maybe tomorrow I will be more productive with things that actually matter? ;) xx

  2. Rachel, I'm so jealous! I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do a granny square. I desperately want to make an afghan for us, but after watching video after video on youtube I'm afraid it's a lost cause!

  3. I totally agree about a busy day and a clean, organised house. They are the secrets to a happy life! I did those exact two things yesterday (Sunday here) and it snapped me out of a funk.

    Kalee, don't give up on the granny squares. I tried over and over again and eventually it clicked for me. I used the instructions on Purl Bee. I love knitting or crocheting watching tv too. It makes the time seem less wasteful.

    Rather than lots of granny squares though, I am making one big granny square, you just keep on going. The thought of sewing all those little squares together, well I'm pretty lazy. I normally look for the most 'efficient' way to do something.

  4. Kalee, it tooke me a bunch of tries before it "clicked" with me too! Don't give up - it's something I tried, abandoned and came back to quite a bit, so maybe if you pick it up again in the future you might do better? Do you know anyone who can show you, that might be better than a video? xx