Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bright And Sunshine-y

I crawled out of bed at around 9 this morning for the farmer's market.  If I knew G could have picked out the veggies himself I would have stayed in bed.  It obviously ended up being a great day, and I snapped some pics to share!
I love the flowers, whether it's at the market, or along the way!
Local peaches, plums, and grapes are prevalent now.
Peppers!  Our CSA has a ton (this wasn't even all the kinds they have).  We still have plenty from previous weeks that I'm cutting up to freeze for pasta and such this winter. 
These were curry squash.  No idea how to cook them, so came home and looked it up.  Hopefully they have them again next week!  You cook them like a squash (pumpkin) pie!
We picked up some of the tiny eggplant to stuff.
 The crowds are always crazy!
G carrying out watermelon home.  The one in his left arm is a yellow watermelon!
Stopped at Einstein Brothers Bagels for breakfast.  We ended up getting a baker's dozen of bagels plus two of the smoked salmon cream cheeses.  We're planning to freeze some bagels, and enjoy the others this week.  We each eat half of one....hence the funny pic.

Have you been to a market lately?  If not, I think they're a great place to see what is locally in season right now!


  1. That looks like a really good farmers market. Ours here is small. I wish it had a little more variety and organization to it.

  2. omg i love your famers market!! i need to find a really good one here. also we have a einstein bagel place here too its soo good you have to try the Jalapeño spread its so good

  3. That was only one stretch of the farmer's market. It's shaped like a T and goes off in the middle a long ways.

    Julie, I didn't see the jalapeno cream cheese or I would have gotten it!

  4. Love pictures of your farmer's market. Yes, it's very organized. I love flowers too! Just couldn't pass it everytime I go. Bagels and cream cheese sound so good right now, it's morning time for me here while reading this. At the our local market there's lot of Asian zucchini, cabbages and other type of squashes that are in season. Hmm..maybe I should do a post like yours?