Saturday, August 21, 2010

On This Journey

G and I have been connecting more lately.  I will admit this came after a doozy of an argument.  He told me that that night was the first time in a long time he admitted to himself that he wasn't doing as much as he thought he was, and that he wasn't being the husband he wanted to be.  For me, this meant I couldn't be the wife I wanted to be.  I tried to just go with it, but it wasn't working.  But since then, we've both been making more effort.  

Last night at Barnes and Noble as we were leaving I spied a misplaced book called The Fantasy Book.  Flipping through it out of curiosity I was surprised to find it was a book for couples.  Now, with the title I assume you are thinking it's a dirty book, but it's not really.  Sure there are quite a few excerpts about sex, but it is a book that you leave for your partner, with the bookmark in the page you want them to read.  Some pages have envelopes, some just a task.  The first one in the book is "Write me a love letter."  The instruction page simply has the task at the top with this written underneath:
"If I were to find an envelope with my name written in your hand I would savor the weight and the touch of it and wonder what persuasive words lay inside."
Sexy, right?  Though the book has other tasks, and some just simply don't interest me, this was the first and the reason I thought it might be interesting.  We plan to photo copy the inserts for the envelope pages so we can do this more than just the once (since you write on the cards).  But I am excited for the possibility of love letters the way G and I used to write them.  While we were engaged we were on separate continents and even though we spoke nearly every day we wrote pages of love letters that we keep in our fireproof box.  I feel sorry for whomever tries to rob us and takes that since that's all that's really in there and I would hunt them down!

So this morning after the farmer's market we headed out to do some shopping.  We stopped at Marshall's and picked up some balsamic vinegar, some pesto, and 3 mason jars of dilly beans (pickled green beans that are delicious, if you like pickles).  We also snagged a couple leather 2011 planners (mine if purple, G's is smaller and black) that are the same brand sold at Barnes and Noble.  But our biggest acquisition was at TJMaxx, and is a wooden box that looks romantic that we thought would be great for a post box.....for each other.  We can leave love letters to one another as surprises!  What do you think?


  1. I think the box is a great idea! I love handwritten letters. Just the anticipation of getting one would be divine.

  2. I love that idea! There is nothing better than a handwritten letter. Ironically I plan to do this in the next few weeks, but not always for my husband. I go back to work (teacher) and my two year old daughter has gotten SUCH a kick out of any time my husband or I have left a note for the other person (and her) this summer. "My note? Daddy leave me a note?" That I plan on leaving letters for them when I go back (I am the first one to leave the house). There's nothing like waking up to knowing you are loved even if the person is not home. :)

  3. What a great book & idea. I think I might just have to look into something like that! PJ is not the romantic type but this might be just the thing to give him that little nudge :)