Friday, August 20, 2010

Date Night

And no, I didn't take a single pic.  How horrid of me.  G looked up showtimes for Inception, a movie I have been dying to see.  I kept telling him no every other occasion though because I felt we had so much else to do.  But last night I caved and we arrived early, grabbed the best seats in the house and settled in.  We picked up a carton of dibs (the chocolate covered ice cream things you can pop in your mouth) and a small popcorn.  The small popcorn was almost too much for us!  

The movie was phenomenal.  It was the first film I had seen in a theater since the last Harry Potter film.  And it was amazing.  First, let me share that I was of the age in the 90's to have huge love for Leonardo DiCaprio.  As I've gotten older I am far less attracted to him, however I tend to love any film he's in.  He has the complete ability to take on a character and make it believable.  This film was no different.  The film is about a team who has the ability to go into a person's dream to steal information, generally used for corporate espionage.  They have an architect who designs the dream world to be something so real the dreamer doesn't know they're dreaming.  It's a fascinating story.  G wanted to see it because Christopher Nolan (of the latest Batman films) directed it.  The way it was filmed was just crazy, the movements of the actors at times being slowed down, but in a non-Matrix way.  It was believable, more like when time is stopping.  I can't really share more because that would be cheating, but I urge you to see it in a theater.  

The theater was at the mall so we swung into Gap to look for a pair of jeans for G.  He's a 30 inch waist with a 32" inseam and finding stylish jeans that fit him perfectly is difficult.  They didn't have any.  The guy working there took a pair and checked in the system and said they didn't have a single pair that size in store.  Well, I found a random one, G liked them, and with an extra discount they had on adult jeans it was less than $30 for the pair.  Now we just need to order him a very dark wash pair online for a more "nice" jean.  I picked up a couple pairs of tights for this fall and a purple sweater G loved on me for $10 on clearance.  

We stopped in at Chili's to get some chips and salsa and ended up getting a couple hamburgers that way we would have leftovers for lunch today (since obviously I didn't cook last night, nor the night before).  It was a nightmare, our food ended up getting comped.  I never, ever make trouble at a restaurant.  I'm that person who hates to send food back.  However, I thought G ordered his burgers medium, so I ordered for us while he was away and then when he got back and said that no he normally orders it medium well I called the waitress over to change it.  She told us that it really didn't matter since she hadn't wanted to tell us but the cooks don't really ever cook it any differently.  She assured us the burgers would come out like normal.  When they came out, mine was bleeding.  Literally.  Um, no, I may eat my steaks pretty much raw but I like my hamburger done.  Food safety and all that.  So it got sent back to be cooked more.  Every time we needed something we had to call her over 2-3 times before we got it.  In the end, we each had over 1/2 of our meals left so asked for boxes.  Ten minutes went by and we see her flitting about but no boxes.  I should point out that I have been completely pleasant this whole time, if she had spilled a drink on me I probably would have laughed it off, mistakes happen.  However she even made eye contact with G and never brought the boxes.  Finally she comes over, mutters something about no one getting us boxes (her job), and flits off again.  She brings the two boxes and then apologizes because she forgot to bring the ranch we like to dip our fries in (the avocado ranch).  She brings out ancho (the pepper) ranch.  When I ask about the avocado she tells me they're the same thing.  I say, "No, the avocado has avocado and pico, this has ancho peppers."  She rolls her eyes, says "okay..." and walks off, comes back a few minutes later with the avocado ranch, says "here." to G and flits off again.  So I call the manager over.  The one thing I know you never do with a customer is argue with them and then not apologize when you were wrong.  I tell the manager I just think she needs to say something to her, the manager said "because she's wrong, they are different."  Apparently it was her first week on the floor waitressing.  I don't think she's gonna make it long, the table next to us, (not sure what she did to them) I'm pretty sure didn't tip her.  I told the manager we had no problem paying but she told us no, that we weren't paying for a meal like this.  

But all's well that ends well.  G and I had a great night, went to bed early and woke up feeling refreshed.  Hopefully this weekend will be just as great!


  1. It's nights like this that encourage us to eat at home! It really is the most annoying thing when you plan to eat out. It's easier and quicker, you're looking forward to it, and then it ends up being a big drama. And staff with terrible attitude (or just plain not caring) make it worse. I felt like I was there with you.

  2. At least your meal was comp! I'm debating going to see Eat Pray Love this weekend. I haven't been to the movies in so long.

  3. Kalee you have such a great attitude. I will admit that the waitress probably would have ruined my memories of an, otherwise, lovely night.