Saturday, August 28, 2010

Road Trip Checklist

*  Small suitcase with enough clothes for both of us this next week

* Shoes

* Leashes

* Cooler with sandwiches, salad, etc.

* Books, music, pillow

* A sick dog.....wait, what?  Yes, Sophie is apparently ill.  Garret is currently cleaning up a mess while I wait to head to the farmer's market.  

* A sense of adventure!  Because God, we're gonna need one!


  1. I hope your dog gets better. Your tweet on the sidebar that says "I don't handle smells well" is hilarious. I don't either! Maybe you should line the interior of your car in a big drop cloth! :)

    Have a fun trip.

  2. Have a good trip guys! Is Sophie feeling better? It's great to have a cooler with sandwiches etc. We are so bad with food on road trips while we're in the States. Yes, we decide in the future that we need to do better.