Sunday, August 1, 2010


Last night I wore a black maxi dress that I had bought at The Limited a year ago on clearance.  I had been wanting a maxi dress (had actually bought one from Old Navy last Spring, but had to send back), but had trouble finding one.  Of course I found one I loved on clearance once the season was over.  But in an effort to shop my closet and start wearing the clothes I have, I got brave and wore it last night.  
It went over wonderfully.  Several of the women kept telling me how much they loved it, and when I eventually pulled my hair up into a bun, one woman saw the back of the dress and began complimenting that (it dips in a deep v, same as the front).  I will admit I was terrified of wearing this dress.  I explained that to the woman, explaining the wearing things I own plan, and one woman said several times that I should definitely wear it more often.  
G with his dollar bills.
And most importantly of all, G thought it was beautiful on me.  My biggest fear with the dress was that with the deep v neck I would end up popping out up front, but everything stayed perfectly in place and I was comfortable all night.  
So now I'm being brave and wearing a Banana Republic shirt-dress that I picked up at the thrift store.  It's modest, which is perfect for church, and paired with my thrift store Etienne Aigner brown heels and I'm good to go.  I added a vintage purse that I had picked up because it smelled like my grandmother's house (prompting me to wonder if this is a universal grandmama smell, or rather the smell of items that have aged like a good wine). 
Looking pretty at Clementine's.  Well, I look pretty...
As for the party last night, G and I both had a great time.  We drank, ate yummy food (including vodka tomatoes which I am so putting on the list of must have cocktail party food!), and played some game with dice and dollar bills.  Fun was had, midnight struck and I drove us back to our castle.

This morning we got up, dressed for church and enjoyed the sermon.  I nearly spilled Jesus' blood (the wine) all over myself, and that would have been a major faux pas.  After church we headed to IKEA to pick up a few things, such as a glass bottle for making homemade vanilla.  We hadn't had any caffeine and it was mid afternoon so we stopped in at the cafe to have some coffee and cake.  I got the almond cake and G, manly man that he is, got the princess cake.  Yep.  It even had a little chocolate crown.  
We're home, I'm resting my poor foot and we're relaxing before the week begins.  Hope all of you had great weekends that fortified you before the week begins!


  1. Both outfits are home runs! I love the shoulder strap on the black dress and your shirt dress is just adorable. Your friends are right, you should wear the maxi dress more often.