Monday, August 2, 2010

Zooming Around

This week is madness, absolute madness.  Today was my one day to breathe, with cleaning and organizing this evening.  My parents brought a ton of things, we still had things in boxes from the move in October (yes, I'm serious, no, I still don't want to deal with it.....that's why we're just getting rid of so much).  So we have all that to deal with so that I can finally have a semi-normal house. 

But on top of that I forgot until last night that we bought tickets to the Crab Bash for tomorrow night.  It's a cook-off you watch and get to taste.  And the money raised goes to Great Kids Farm, a program for city students about living healthy lifestyles, and they also work the farm.  So tomorrow night is taken.  Wednesday I have a meeting for something to do with G's job.  That night is trivia.  Thursday is when we usually go for pate and wine. 

The good news is that this week is so jam packed that next weekend will come quickly.  The bad news is that we have so much to do and so little time to do it in! 


  1. By reading your head post I thought you bought yourself a big girl camera!
    That's how I feel about your stuff at the moment. Really I don't that much but I feel like it's choking me.

  2. Ping, I wish! I just can't see spending so much money on a camera right now when the point and click works for the day to day (and fits in my clutches!).

    I don't mind being busy, but I had lost my planner and couldn't write anything down. Better now that I've found it.