Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello!  God, it's been a slow week.  And I'm enjoying every second of it.  The highlights from tomorrow are as follows:  I bought brown corduroy (at 1/2 off....a lady walked up to G and gave him her coupon she decided not to use) to make a Molly Monkey doll for the petite princess (my niece) and buying an insanely large piece of furniture that we rented a Home Depot truck to get home.  We want to put it in our bedroom, and the question now stands, how on earth to get it up 2 flights of stairs?  We'll just have to figure something out!  

And I have updated my blogroll to the blogs I read frequently.  Some of the old ones stayed because I need to remember to read them (I did enjoy them before).  But now I've added the chic lifestyle type blogs that I read daily.  Check them out!  

I'm off to get ready for church.  The Baptists across the street can be heard above the rain.  And my husband woke me up with singing, tea and toast.  It's a great day already!


  1. Thanks for including me Kalee!

  2. I love Fiona's and Parisienne Farmgirl's blog:)