Sunday, August 15, 2010

What On Earth Was I Thinking?

We picked up yet another piece of furniture yesterday.  G and I both saw it, fell in love, and when we found out that it was $60 we were sold.  Turns out that if we were to have it carefully refinished by a trained antiques professional that it would be worth around $1000-1500.  Um, great, now I'm afraid to touch it.  It's a piece from the 1920's, a tall sideboard, and it's plan currently is to reside in our bedroom.  Eventually when we move to a home that is older in style then it will go in the parlor/sitting room as a bar.  G would love to use is as that now.....but it's taller than our sofa and as long as it to boot!
Notice the little puppies, their toy.  They like to have cameos in everything.  I love the beautiful veneers on these drawers that matches the veneer shape on each side door. 


  1. i love love this so much great find!

  2. Simply stunning, so French looking!