Saturday, September 25, 2010

Business As Usual

Why oh why have Fridays been so hard for me?  Last Friday I was ill.  Yesterday I was running on a single hour of sleep, and I eventually ended up falling asleep before 8, sleeping until 1, staying up for an hour and falling asleep again until 9:30 this morning!  On top of that apparently the 'hypoallergenic' Burt's Bees lotion is not so hypoallergenic as both my hands and arms I used it on broke out in an itchy rash.  I've taken benadryl, and I'm not liking the drowsy feeling!

G ran and got some Indian to cheer me up (and help get something in my blood system other than allergy medication).  Tonight we're headed over for a party at a friend's home.  And then tomorrow we have to get up early for mass so that it doesn't interfere with a brunch!  

This week has been my "why bother blogging?" week.  I'll type something up, not love it, and then decide to not post it.  Or I'll start a post, only to have to run off to live life.  We've got a lot on our plates right now as I try and ready for my most amazingest friend in the world to get here, as well as the ever looming deployment early next year.  I do have a post coming up about an awesome organization selling beautiful necklaces made by women in Africa.  But for now, my head feels all light and this is all she wrote!

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  1. Hoping you feel better soon. And praying this war comes to an end before G has to be deployed.